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The 3.3 million acre Rogue River Basin in Southwest Oregon is globally recognized for its high biodiversity, complex geology and dramatic topography. Population increases and their resulting environmental impacts have changed the face of several Rogue Basin systems within the past fifty years. Changes in fire frequency, the severity of peak and low stream flows, waste inputs, flood plain encroachment, degraded riparian areas, and airborne pollutants are all consequences of human population expansion into aquatic and terrestrial habitat. In order to adequately address the ecological impacts brought about by social and economic changes in the Rogue Basin, there is a need for regional collaborative landscape-scale restoration planning and implementation.


Since 1999, the Rogue Basin Coordinating Council (RBCC) has served as a valuable clearinghouse for information exchange and activity coordination among its member watershed councils. RBCC’s mission has been to enhance the success of the nine watershed councils in the Rogue Basin, while coordinating projects and activities that transcend individual watershed boundaries. Recently, by virtue of an ongoing restoration planning process facilitated by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a consensus has formed among participating natural resource and conservation oriented groups that the Rogue Basin as a whole would benefit from the presence of a backbone organization to unite us in our restoration efforts and allow us all to tap into greater capacity and resources. In response to this need, RBCC has been reorganizing itself over the past year to serve as a broad based inclusive organization that assists and serves partners in meeting our shared restoration goals. As of June 2014, RBCC has made major changes to its bylaws, formally approved a new mission and vision statement and adopted a new name, the Rogue Basin Partnership (RBP). The purpose of this change is to expand the original RBCC membership base beyond watershed councils in order to work more closely and effectively with a more diverse range of restoration organizations that are working in the Rogue Basin. Historically, the focus of watershed council restoration efforts has been on the stream corridor. Through this reorganization, RBP will be poised to expand its restoration efforts from aquatic and riparian work into the forests, chaparral, grasslands and urban landscapes of the Rogue Basin.


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Where to Find Us:

Rogue Basin Partnership

P.O. Box 1214

Medford, OR 97501

Phone: (541) 414-9064

Coordinator: Sam Whitridge


Efficiency & Collaboration

The RBP and its partners are working to bring greater efficiencies to natural resource management in the Rogue Basin. Please keep stay tuned to our development:



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